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4.5 (81) THC 13% CBD 0% Myrcene. calming energizing. low THC high THC. flavor & aroma honey. top effect relaxed. Banana Hammock, also known as "Banana Hammock R1," is an indica marijuana strain. The Banana Daddy 3.5g Flower by Reef is blooming in shades of deep emerald green and mulberry. Banana Daddy truly sparkles from the contrast of its striking purple colouring and the frost-like trichomes that cover the buds. Producing a dense, chunky bud structure, this pungent, fruit-forward cultivar has a complex cannabinoid profile paired with a dynamic terpene profile dominant in Myrcene. Granddaddy Purp x Banana Hammock R1 DOMINANT TERPENES: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Farnesene-2, alpha-Bisabolol AVAILABLE IN: GROW METHODS: Organic Living Soil & Aquaculture PREPARATION: • Hang Dried • Hand-Trimmed • Sustainable Packaging Strain Cards ALL FINAL_Oct262021.indd 2 2021-10-26 3:36:39 PM.

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[email protected] +16507852498 $ 0.00 Cart 0.00 Cart. Search for. Baller Jars (Bulk Sauce) Elix Drink Mixes; Live Resin; Sauce; The Budibles; HTFSE + Distillate Cartridges; Sauce Cartridges; Accessories; Frost Factory; Shop All. Medical Benefits of the Banana OG Cannabis Strain. Banana OG is primarily useful as a medicine due to its astronomically high THC content. When you imbibe a marijuana strain with this level of THC, it is able to work incredibly well with the body’s CB1 receptors. By discouraging the release of the neurochemicals and brain functions that. There's an after-aroma that hints of sweet lime and fresh earth. This is due to Myrcene running wild through Banana Hammock's terpene profile. Myrcene is well-known as the medical marijuana jackpot for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and help users sleep. Myrcene is the element that makes Banana Hammock a perfect kick-back strain.

Похожие каналы. Telegram: Contact @mrazevo01 Telegram: Contact @p_oz_or Telegram: Contact. TRULIEVE PURPLE WOOKIE INDICA STRAIN REVIEW #medicalmarijuana #flmmj #indica #strainreview cannabis community,weed reviews,strain reviews,medical marijuana,medical cannabis,strain review,purple wookie,florida medical marijuana,trulieve flower,florida weed,florida dab crew,proper major quality,weed review,smoke sesh,TRULIEVE.

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Basic info about End Game - The Punch Line. Outdoor: Big and fast! Yield: Friggin' Huge!! Terpenes: Pungent!! Sweet Berries and Sour Cherries. Morphology: She has a fantastic structure. Most are medium-height. All show strong vertical branching, closely stacked flower-sets and a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Easy to grow for any situation. Basic info about Banana Daddy Auto. Ethos Genetics Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±75 days ruderalis/indica/sativa. Banana Daddy Auto Rbx2 from Ethos Genetics is an exciting feminised autoflowering cannabis hybrid created by crossing the auto version of Ethos's own Banana Hammock with the legendary US classic Grand Daddy Purple, resulting in a fast, fragrant,. Banana Daddy is a hybrid strain with an average of 27.5 percent THC and 1.5 percent CBD. Banana Daddy was created by Ethos Genetics as a cross between Granddaddy Purp and Banana Hammock R1. This strain boasts tight and dark purple buds and a fruity berry aroma with hints of bubblegum and diesel. Banana Daddy’s hit users with an intense high on the exhale, delivering. Banana Daddy R1. $ 70.00 – $ 110.00. Banana Daddy R1, bred by Ethos Genetics, is a cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Banana Hammock R1 with 5 or 10 Feminized Seeds per pack. Pack Count. Choose an option 10 Seed Pack 5 Seed Pack..

We carry all kinds of weed, edibles, hash etc. Our Dispensary also offers an award-winning selection of lab-tested medical marijuana, such as the Sativa strains, Hybrid strains and Indica strains. We have various Moonrock weed strain, Sour Diesel strain, Grand Daddy Purple strain, We simply have it all.

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